Our robust suite of features make your investor communications and engagement hassle-free, automated, and compliant.

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ElectroSytes IR Management System
Manage all aspects of your investor relations website with our easy-to-use IR Management System.
With our revolutionary IR Management System, take control of your Investor Relations Communication, by being able to self-manage all of our IR Communications through our intuitive and easy to use Investor Relations Management System. You now have full control over your content, without having to rely on a 3rd-party and costly managed services!
Design & Branding
Choose from a library of website designs, with your company's branding.
Your web assets need to conform your organization's branding, and your IR Website is no exception. Our platform puts branding control in your hands, allowing you to easily adjust various branding on your IR Website with a few clicks - no IT team or developer required!
Stock Pricing & Breakdown
Real-time pricing and breakdown of your stock including historicals.
Your stock pricing and breakdown is a key component of your IR Website. Your IR Website is powered by stock data only from the most trusted source and as real-time as possible, with limitless historical stock data available for review through beautifully designed and easy to read charts.
News & Press Releases
Automated publication of your news and press releases on your IR Website, from any publisher/newswire.
Your IR Website is fully integrated with all applicable newswires utilized by your organization for distributing press releases, allowing your press releases to appear on your IR website immediately after being published, all without requiring manual intervention and costly managed services.
Automated publication of all filings, in multiple compliant formats.
Your SEC Filings are automatically vetted for compliance, and published directly on your IR Website in all required formats, without anyone in your organization lifting a finger. Through our deep integration with the SEC's Archives, utilizing a managed service provider for the publishing of filings on your website becomes a thing of the past.
Leadership & Goverance
Demonstrate your company's leadership and governance practices, including initatves such as ERG, DEI, etc.
With a Leadership & Governance page easily accessible on your IR Website, demonstrate the executive leadership, board of directors, and advisors behind your company's operations, with detailed biographies and profiles that provide insights to existing and potential investors.
Help Center
Provide your community with a help center to address questions, and communicate with your IR team.
Your existing and potential investors have questions, and need an effective way to stay up to date and find answers to their questions. With a help center on your IR Website, surface answers and discussions around critical elements of your investor relations and provide publicly available responses to the questions your investors are asking.
Keep track of how your investors are engaging with your content, and make informed decisions.
Your Investor Relations Communication is an extension of your Corporate Communications, and as such, your IR Analytics should be a subset of your overall analytics dataset. With our robust analytics integrations, integrate your IR Website with your analytics tool of choice, and receive enhanced analytics from your IR Website, within your existing tracking strategy.
The image shown is that of the Google Analytics Platform showing analytics data received from an IR Website through ElectroSytes' Analytics Integration.
Subscribers Management
Grow your list and easily communicate with existing and potential investors.
Allow your existing and potential investors to subscribe to various investor relations related updates directly on your IR Website, with automated email updates sent when key events occur such as a new press release or filing. Maintain a database of your subscribers in our IR Management System for easy export and import via CSV into various sales and marketing tools.

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