ElectroSytes' IR Management Platform emphasises automation and maintenance, while remaining focused on compliance, using technology to do the heavy lifting for you and moving away from costly managed services.

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The ElectroSytes Difference

The approach to developing and maintaining IR Websites has become very dated, along with the technology used to develop these assets, leading to a lack of innovation around compliance and automation. In the presence of a lack of automation, companies are forced to rely on costly managed services to develop and to maintain an IR Website with compliant and accurate content. ElectroSytes firmly believes that the landscape of IR Websites must now undergo a shift, moving towards more focus on compliance and automation, securing your company's future and saving you money. We've designed and developed the ElectroSytes Platform with these key pillars in mind; Improving Compliance, Automating Content Publication, and Providing Self-Management Capabilities. Our mission is to provide a more afforable and more compliant solution for IR Websites, that can support Fortune 500 companies, all the way down to SMBs.

Let us worry about your compliance - our IR Websites are fully SEC, Accessibility, and Privacy compliant out of box, adhering to ADA, GDPR, CCPA, WCAG, and AODA.
Compliance of your IR Content is one of the cornerstones of running an IR Website for your company. Whether your IR Website is maintained by a third-party vendor or your internal IT team, compliance must be top of mind to provide an equal experience to impaired individuals, and to comply with strict SEC compliance requirements. Our team of industry experts speak compliance - we understand the common pitfalls and have designed our platform to ensure compliance across your content and communications.
Automation (No Costly Managed Services)
With a suite of automation, you can remain confident in your investor relations communication, while requiring less management.
Today, running an IR Website for your company in many cases requires much overhead, from publishing now press releases on your website, to posting new SEC filings. This results in increased cost for your company and reduced efficiency - until now! Our platform heavily focusesd on automation through deep integrations with newswires, stock data sources, and the SEC's archives, removing the need for overhead in the form of human labor or a vendor's managed services costs.
Modern Website Designs
Create the best user experience for existing and potential investors through modern, mobile-responsive designs, bringing IR Websites into the 21st century.
Creating a beautifully designed IR Website with an effective UI/UX typically requried a large budget, whether executed internally or with the use of an external vendor. We've changed that, by providing pre-built themes that are ready for customization to match your company's brandings, and removes all of the heavy upfront cost of developing an effective IR Website - you just pay a small implementation fee that is a fraction of the cost of developing an IR Website, and a flat subscription fee.
Enterprise Grade Security
Our SOC 2 Type 2 certified security practices keeps your company's and your user's data safe and secure at all times.
Your company's data and the data of your investors are important to us, and as such we take security very seriously. Through our enterprise grade security practices, your data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, and commutes through and within a virtual private cloud-based network with strict access protocols, preventing your data from leaving your control and into the hands of attackers or exploiters.
Performance & Uptime
Our platform is designed for large volumes of traffic, delivering 99.9% uptime throughout the year.
It's important that your IR Website remains accessible through the web at all times, and through our robust cloud infrastructure supporting every IR Website on our platform, we are able to provide a 99.9% SLA on uptime and performance, ensuring that your IR website will remain online and will remain accessible.
Stellar Support
The ElectroSytes' platform gives you what you need to succeed, but our support team is a click or a call away to provide you the best support possible.
We've designed our platform with self-management and automation in mind, requiring less overhead and putting more control over your IR website in your hands. As such, we provide stellar support should you ever have any question, or need assistance with using the ElectroSytes Platform to manage your IR Website. You can reach us anytime at

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